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We are building a collective database of home school providers designed to meet various needs. We will offer these providers to the public soon which means you will have a chance to find a provider to specifically meet your needs.

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  • Connect with providers through the website without having to exchange personal information.
  • The fee is small, but the information is numerous, growing and changing.
  • We assist you in screening providers through an application process.
  • You can rate, recommend, and comment on providers and how they did, helping others decide which providers are a good fit for their family.

Terms and Definitions

  • Homeschool Assistant – someone to come into the home and assist the parent with homeschooling his/her child. This is a great opportunity for college students who Graduated from a homeschool program and enjoy working with children.
  • Homeschool Babysitter – someone who is currently homeschooling or in college that has flexibility to babysit during the day, so that parents have more time to teach their older children.
  • Part Time Tutor – someone who has experience with specific subject matter and works one on one with students in a home setting or at a designated location.
  • Full Time Tutor – a retired teacher or former homeschooling mom looking to home school students in a full-time context, working with the family’s current curriculum and facilitating the homeschooling each day at the family’s home.
  • Special Needs Tutors – someone who has a desire to teach those children with special needs in a home environment.
  • Miscellaneous Services – miscellaneous providers of various educational services that desire to assist the home-schooling family.

Subscribers will be asked to agree to our terms of usage and agree to our Statement of Faith (see above).

Although we have a screening process for all service providers, it is the responsibility of families to interview  and pray about whom they choose to hire. We cannot be held liable for any undesirable actions. If you find that someone has misrepresented themselves or has added a profile through fraudulent means, please contact us at admin@thehomeschoolcommunity.com.

I understand that I am responsible for contacting, screening, and hiring. I understand that I cannot hold this website and the company THSC LLC liable for anyone that misrepresents themselves on this website. It is not THSC LLC’s responsibility to screen applicants or conduct background checks.  We encourage all individuals utilizing the information on this website to thoroughly vet each applicant and contact all references. 

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