Who Are We?

Tutors, Teachers, Homeschool Assistants, Childcare Providers, Special Needs Tutors, Home School Moms and various other providers geared towards the home school family.

The Home School Community is all about the Christian homeschooling family.  We are working to provide a central place for moms and dads to connect with Christian individuals that have skill sets that will enhance the homeschooling experience.  Let’s be real, we are not all math people (or science people or writers etc).  God created us (parents and children alike) to be different, but it’s for a wonderful purpose.  We often need assistance from someone who has experience in a specific area or just general homeschooling experience.  Our hope is to become that place where you can find the help that you need. Take a moment and read our Statement of Faith here.

Why the Home School Community?

Let me introduce myself, I am a  Child of God first, saved by the blood of Jesus Christ; second a wife and third a mother to five blessings (1 girl and 4 boys).  We are a homeschooling family.  I’ve been blessed to be at home with my children and we have been homeschooling since my daughter was 5.  During that time I have also owned a business and directed our homeschool community.  As our family grew and as the families of many other homeschooling families grew, it became apparent that families are searching for people to walk alongside them during certain seasons and aid in their homeschooling.  As I was repeatedly receiving questions like, “How can I homeschool and work?,” “How can I homeschool children in multiple grades?,” “How can I teach my child to read?” “How do I teach my child Algebra?”etc etc etc; it became apparent that we needed a community of resources.  Thus, THSC, LLC was born.

My hope is that this resource can help relieve some of the burden from moms and dads who feel called to homeschool, but are thinking they have to go at it alone.  We aren’t alone!  We don’t have to do it all ourselves!  We can do this!  God has equipped us for this, but it’s ok to reach out and let someone help.  As stated above, God created each person as a unique individual with gifts and a purpose.  I believe that God wants us to use our gifts to help others and to be willing to allow others to help us.

If you are someone in need of help…check out the Subscribers Page.  If you have a skill set that you would like to use to help home school families…check out the Providers Page.

I’m looking forward to seeing this “Community” grow.  I hope it is a blessing.

In Christ,

Our Mission:

Our mission is to connect the Christian home school community with the help they need to achieve their home-schooling goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach beyond the norm and help Christian home school families thrive.

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